Broken Hearted

There is nothing with wanting to be loved the way you give love to other people. You just have got to understand that nobody in this world is ever alike. They may seem like they’re the same but in reality nobody is ever the same. So with you wanting this amazing love that you give to others, you are only hurting yourself because you set this high expectations only to get your heart broken. It hurts like hell sometimes when you go above & beyond for family, and friends only to be let down time and time again. But during times like this is where you build yourself up. This is the moment of healing and finding a new hobby. Mine currently is blogging. LOL. Until I find something else to help clear my mind. I enjoy taking pictures, so I’m currently looking into cameras to find the one that I like and will enjoy taking pictures with.

You break your own heart when you expect people to love & treat you like you do them. EVERYBODY ain’t built the same and wasn’t raised the same either. So you can’t expect Cindy Lou, to treat you the same way you treat her. Always looking out for her when she doesn’t have something, or just being the best friend you can be because that’s what you want out of your friends. Cindy Lou was brought up in a family, where loyalty means nothing. She wasn’t shown affection or given hugs or told how pretty she was, or that she was loved. It’s hard because everybody is out here looking for love, but everybody has a different definition of love. This is when love languages come into play. You got to understand the love language of whomever you’re involved with. Never expect too much from anybody because the lesson I learned in life is, higher expectations lead to higher disappointments and I would have to agree with it whole heartedly.

When you’ve gone your entire life being hurt and let down it becomes so common that when you get to adulthood and things go left with friendships, relationships its like you become accustomed to it. It’s hard to explain. It becomes like natural. So when things are going crazy its like you sit there and think like damn what did I do this time to fuck up what I had going. Placing blame on yourself when you did everything right and to the best of your abilities to make it work. Like I said in my other post. Everything in life happens for a reason. What exactly that reason is nobody fully knows, but you have got to continue to hold your head up with your chest out and take on the world with every blow that is being thrown at you.

When you feel like nothing is working out in your favor, its time for you to take a step back and reflect on the things that’s going on in your life. Sit down and write the good and bad and what you can do to change the bad to the good. Go out to the bookstore and buy a journal, do yoga, go work out, go ride a bike, go out for a solo date. Just do anything to pick yourself up from feeling useless and worthless. It’s okay it’s normal to feel that way when you are going through things alone. But whatever you do just don’t stay there. Pick yourself up and continue to go on about your life. YOU GOT THIS !

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