Let That Hurt Go..

You see it. Release & Rejoice ♥️

Often times in life we go through hurt. But most of the time we never do anything to actually let that hurt go. It’s always in the back of your mind, just sitting there as you go on about your day to day life. It’s weird because you claim to be over it but there’s evidence that you are not over it. You sit on social media and make post after post subbing your ex or the guy who hurt you to begin with.

While it’s easy to say “Fuck him, he aint shit, I’m glad I MOVED ON” it’s not always that easy. It does take time. & plenty of it. But in the mean time, start to focus on you, and whatever dream you may have. You can not allow a man to ever get to you and to bring you out of character because trust me he isn’t worth it. Because while you sitting home on social media being “petty” he most likely out with his next boo.

There is really no set time on how long it takes to heal. But you have got to heal in order for God to bless you with the man he sees fit for you. You can’t be bitter and mad and think God will send you the husband you’ve always dreamed about, because 9 times out of 10 with you being hurt and damaged you just gonna push him away. Focus on you, your brand, your education, your job whatever you have to do to take the focus off of that man. Level up. Be the woman you know you can be.

Simple things that can help in the process, writing, traveling, being around the people who actually love and adore you. Drinking wine with ya best friends because my best friends always come thru when I need them & vice versa. Dinner and movies always help too. Take yourself out on a date and enjoy being by yourself. Get back to being happy for yourself. It’s not something will happen over night. Just like anything else in life, it takes time. So put on your lounging clothes and let it go & heal so you can become the woman you’ve always envisioned yourself to be.

Nobody likes to be hurt. But in order to grow you have to let that hurt go. Use the hurt to fuel you. To push you to becoming a better person all the way around.

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