Cheers To The New Beginnings !

We must fall down a couple of times in life in order to grow. But what you do after you fall down is the important part of life. Life isn’t peachy at all. We go through things to learn lessons. Some things we won’t understand but in the end you realize you took a lot from every negative experience that you have been through. I used to question why I went through half of the things I have been through. But in reality they all made me the woman & mother I am today so I am grateful for everything life has thrown my way.

Ever felt like your life isn’t going the way that you envisioned it to go when you was a little kid. Like I had my life mapped out from the wedding, to baby showers, to my first home, family car and all that. But at the age of 20 I got pregnant, and became a single parent. It hurt but that blessing taught me so much about myself. I am strong, stronger then I ever imagined. I was away from family raising a baby boy all on my own, with very few help from anybody around me.

For so long I stayed to myself because of the fact I didn’t just want any and everybody around my son. Because I wanted him to be the very best man ever. But I ended up with a person who wasn’t good enough for him or I. Let that go and focused on myself and stopped looking. That’s when things began to look up. He came out of nowhere. My new beginning, my friend, thing is I had known him in middle school but after I moved I lost contact I guess you can say. But fast forward to the year of 2019. CHEERS TO NEW BEGINNINGS ! It instantly felt right. Love at first sight. The time we spent together were amazing and the time seemed to fly by.

Here it is 2020 & I get laid off from my job and I became depressed due to applying and getting turned down. But one day I received a phone call and that’s the day that I instantly felt like everything I prayed so hard for was starting to become a reality. I got a job doing what I was doing when I was in the Army. My new job is amazing and I love every thing about it. Something not new but new if you know what I mean. Getting told that I’m one of the best ICS they’ve ever hired or seen put a huge boost in my confidence. But hearing that from the DM herself was something I never expected to hear. When I put my heart into something I go above and beyond to make sure my job is done without complaining.

Never allow life to get you so down and depressed that you stay where you are currently at. Focus on yourself, heal yourself, be the best version of yourself, for yourself. The best is yet to come & that’s why I always choose to live my best life. ♥️

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