New Glow, New Me

Finally found the smile I’ve been missing for the past 5 plus years. Finally I love me for me & not what others think of me. I’ve fought a hard and very long fight to get myself out of depression and anxiety, and even though I still suffer from them both I do know how… Continue reading New Glow, New Me



Have you ever just sat and thought why you go through the things you do and come up with nothing? Like my life is nowhere near perfect I find myself questioning things that I go through because I can’t even begin to believe that any of it is something that I deserve to be going… Continue reading Frustrated

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New Chapter…Trust The Process

New beginnings are usually hard especially if it’s a change you’ve never experienced before in your life. The uncertainties, and the what if’s will sure flood your mind. The tears will flow, you question yourself more then usual. It’s just something you can’t stop doing. Well my new chapter begins today. I’ve went through all… Continue reading New Chapter…Trust The Process

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The Life of an Empath…

Please be mindful how you approach your empathic friends. They get drained so easily that they don't have enough time or energy to deal with their own problems and family. Please check on them daily just to make sure that they are still mentally stabled enough to help you when you reach out. Have you… Continue reading The Life of an Empath…

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Cheers To The New Beginnings !

We must fall down a couple of times in life in order to grow. But what you do after you fall down is the important part of life. Life isn’t peachy at all. We go through things to learn lessons. Some things we won’t understand but in the end you realize you took a lot… Continue reading Cheers To The New Beginnings !

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Forgiving Isn’t Always Easy..

Nothing in this world is easy. But when you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything. Forgiving is hard. Harder than child birth in my opinion. I held onto all of this hurt and pain for many years. It took its toll on me in several different ways. I lost friends who I… Continue reading Forgiving Isn’t Always Easy..